The Train Man

The Train Man


Verse 1

He is a train driving cowboy working hard day and night

He had dreamed of driving trains for all of his life

Oh how he loved to see the countryside

Singing songs along the

Ka Kawe

Ka Kawe – Renée Therése


Verse 1

Looking out in the crowd

Wishing I could see your face

Knowing that you’re watching me

As I stand here in this place

I wonder are you proud of me

And everything

Two Hearts Were Broken

Two Hearts Were Broken – Renée Therése




Verse 1
She was a pretty little girl with big blue eyes

She looked like a supermodel I ain’t gonna lie

He loved her with all of his heart and

Will You Sing With Me

Will You Sing With Me – Renée Therése


Verse 1

When I’m feeling kinda low, well I really wanna know,

Will you sing with me?

When I’m over feeling blue, and I need a friend like you,

Will you