New Music

This week was a bit exciting because firstly, I bought a new electric piano and secondly, I invited some of my muso friends over to jam some of my new original songs. It feels good to be back on the songwriting wagon again and it’s even better to collaborate with other people.

I had quite a bit of anxiety about playing the guitar in front of a person who can ACTUALLY play haha as I am so terrible. I managed to do enough to give him the gist and felt less nervous as the time went along. Sometimes you just have to get out of your comfort zone otherwise stuff doesn’t happen. 🙂

We played through five songs in total which was pretty cool as I was aiming for two. I am really grateful to have such talented friends who can add their flavour to my songs. Once we have worked through the songs a few times and worked things out in more detail, we will go into The Stomach to record them. The plan then is to send them to producer Mike McCarthy at Manuka Studios in Orewa to add some bits and pieces and do the mixing. mastering etc. He is a legend at what he does! I wish he wasn’t so far away.

The main barrier I have at this stage is just saving up the money. Recording music is an extremely costly experience. Recording with friends at The Stomach will save me heaps but I will still need thousands of dollars. Sometimes our passions in life are expensive and it isn’t about making money for me, it’s about being creative, making music, having fun and sharing my music with others.

I am looking forward to the next step of my songwriting/recording journey and can’t wait to share my music with the world when it is ready.



Posted on April 27th, by Renee Therese in Blog.