When I Came Back to Country

Verse 1
When I was a little girl I always loved to sing
I’d play my piano and make up songs about childish types of things
Then one day my Nana took me along to a country music club
It …

Please Go Home

Verse 1
What are you doing here?
Why are you in my mind?
You’re not welcome here..anytime!
You just keep coming back every time.
You’re locked up so deep inside
But now it’s goodbye.

Annie won’t you please go …

Roller Derby Girl

Hey hey x 2

Verse 1
Mad skills on skates
She’s got what it takes
Nothing phases her at all
Not even bruises from the fall
Jammer, lead jammer, jam. Stay on your feet
Catch her if you can …

Forever and Always

Verse 1
A person can search all their lives
And never find someone to love them oh
A person can look far and wide
Stretching the Earth and still not find their soulmate
But I… I’ve found mine…

Forever …

Owners of the Night

Verse 1
The phone rings- it’s my friends telling me where the party’s at
Got my handbag and I’m set; I’m up for a good time you bet
And when I get there it’s all good.
I’m dancing like you …


Verse 1
I keep tryin’
Keep my head held high- knowing like I know like I know.
That good things are comin’ soon
There’s really not much further to go
Ooh I trip and I fall and then I get …

I See You

Verse 1
It has recently become clear to me that you are really different
To the person that I thought you were… ooh…
It turns out there’s a side of you that I had just not seen yet
But now …

Live Life For Me

Verse 1
Driving along in my car
And I’m tryna make my way back home
I’m stuck in the middle of a traffic jam
Things are moving very slow
I decide to turn on the radio to listen for a …

Letting You Go

Verse 1
When you were young,
Back then the future seemed so far away.
But as time grows, you grow older everyday ooh..
I still remember one embrace could take all hurt and pain away.
But as you age, you’ll …

I Know You Love Me

Verse 1
Some days I wake up and I can’t bear to face the day
I don’t wanna get up. I just wanna stay in bed all day
But then I look up and I see your sleeping face
And …