I Know You Love Me

Verse 1
Some days I wake up and I can’t bear to face the day
I don’t wanna get up. I just wanna stay in bed all day
But then I look up and I see your sleeping face
And then I remember that everything will be okay
Cos though life is hard and at times really stressful
That’s alright cos I got you
And when I feel like I’m about to go mental
I just take a time out and think of you

I don’t know why or how I would get by
Oh where would I be without you?
At times I’m insane and obsessive and crazy
Where would I be without you?
I’m anal retentive and such a perfectionist with a touch of OCD
But it doesn’t matter, no none of that matters
Because I know you love me

Verse 2
We’re really different from each other in so many ways
You’re really quiet, and though I’m loud you never complain
You’re really patient with my impulsivity
And all of my projects, I am free to just be me
I’m always so busy and my head gets so dizzy
With all the things I’ve got to do
You are the one who I can always count on
You’re always there when I need you

Chorus x2

© 2013 Renee Therese Music

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